10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

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Personal development is a huge industry. Many people value growth more than anything and are ready to pay big money in order to become the best versions of themselves. In this article I am going to share the 10 best personal development affiliate programs.

The best thing about promoting these programs is that you can be sure that your audience is getting high quality products that can make a positive change in their lives.

The affiliate programs that I am about to share cover all aspects of personal growth. Nothing is left out, so you will definitely find something that matches your target audience.

Let’s begin!

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

1. Tony Robbins

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - tony robbins

URL: Tony Robbins Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 45 days

About Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins is probably the first name that comes to people’s minds when they hear personal development. Tony’s events are hard to forget. He is so inspirational and his passion for transforming people’s lives is contagious.

His affiliate program allows you to promote everything that is offered on Tony’s website. , such as seminars, training systems and health & wellness products.

Tony’s seminars are high-ticket, so you are going to earn a lot in commissions if you manage to successfully promote his events. But even though your audience can’t afford his seminars, they can still benefit from Tony’s online courses.

2. Udemy

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - udemy

URL: Udemy Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: not disclosed

About Udemy: Udemy is an online training platform with courses in any field that you can think of, such as business, IT, software, design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, etc,

Trained developers constantly release new content. At the time of this writing there are over 100,000 online courses, full of video lessons, written content, Q&A sessions and downloadable files.

If your target audience is interested in improving their skills in a particular area, Udemy is the perfect match for them. The good thing about Udemy is that you are not tied to a specific niche. You can promote a variety of courses in different fields.

3. Masterclass

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - masterclass

URL: MasterClass Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie duration: 30 days

About Masterclass: Masterclass is for everyone who want to learn a skill, but are tired of being scammed by amateurs claiming to be professionals. Masterclass has a team of tutors who are leaders in their field, so the quality is guaranteed.

There are experts in all fields that you can think of, such as cooking, writing, science and even space exploration. The price is very affordable (only $17/month), so your audience will be easily convinced that this product is worth a try.

What’s even better is that the majority of your audience will already be familiar with Masterclass from all the ads they see on YouTube. Masterclass has an amazing marketing strategy, which makes conversion even easier.

4. Brian Tracy

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - brian tracy

URL: Brian Tracy Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 120 days

About Brian Tracy: Brian Tracy is a world-renowned public speaker on the topic of personal and professional success. His programs will help your audience achieve their business and personal goals faster than they can imagine.

The average order value is $140. You will also receive banners ads, text links, email copy, tracking tools and special offers.

More than 5,000,000 people and over 1,000 companies has managed to achieve their goals thanks to Brian’s help.

5. INeedMotivation


URL: INeedMotivation Affiliate Program

Commission: 45-50%

Cookie duration: 50 years

About INeedMotivation: INeedMotivation has over 650+ health-related programs to help improve the quality of people’s lives. They offer courses in both CD and MP3 format.

Other than having amazing products, they also offer great affiliate support. Affiliates have access to banner ads, text links, product pages, and real-time user statistics. You can contact your affiliate manager at any time and ask for advice on how to make your promotion even more successful.

6. Mindvalley

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - mindvalley

URL: Mindvalley Affiliate Program

Commission: 30%

Cookie duration: 30 days

About Mindvalley: Mindvalley’s mission is to transform the industrial age education system into an exciting learning experience for people of all ages. They have over 24 premium quests (online courses) in the fields of mind, body, spirit, business, entrepreneurship, relationships and every other personal development field that you can think of.

I have personally completed 4 of their quests and I was astonished by the value they provide. Mindvalley allows you to learn from the best in a particular field.

If your target audience are people who want to grow in every area of life, they will love Mindvalley.

The only ”drawback” I have with their affiliate program is that they require you to have at least 200,000 visitors/followers and consistent traffic. This means that it is going to be hard for beginners to get accepted, but the good news is that once you reach that number, they will help you with marketing campaigns at no cost to you.

7. Forward Steps

forward steps

URL: Forward Steps Affiliate Program

Commission: 70%

Cookie duration: Lifetime, first click

About Forward Steps: Forward Steps was created by Thea Westra, whose goal is to help people take the right steps towards the life of their dreams. Thea has a personal development blog and has published a book called “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones”.

In order to promote Forward Steps, it is preferable that you have a blog or an email list in the personal development niche. As an affiliate you will get access to lots of resources that will hep you successfully promote the program.

8. Self Development

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - self development

URL: Self Development Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 50%

Cookie duration: 2 months

About Self Development: Self Development is a great source for self-development products. If your target audience are people who are serious about their personal development and want to make a positive change in their lives, then Self Development’s products are for them.  The company has over 100 unique products and is even releasing new programs every month.

As an affiliate, you are in good hands. Self Development’s offers are highly optimized. The company even pays out twice a month and has over 9 years of on-time payment history

9. Real Subliminal


Real Subliminal

URL: Real Subliminal Affiliate Program

Commission: 35%

Cookie duration: Lifetime, first click

About Real Subliminal: Real Subliminal is a digital library of over 200 subliminal audio programs to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. The MP3 files are designed to shift your limiting believes with positive affirmations.

If your target audience are people who want to stop procrastinating, attract more money, be more motivated or even lose weight, Real Subliminal’s products will definitely benefit them.

The good thing is that there is little competition in the subliminal messaging niche. So you can either start a blog entirely about subliminal messaging or incorporate it as a sub-niche to your already existing website.

10. Inner Talk

10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs - inner talk

URL: Inner Talk Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 90 days

About Inner Talk: Inner Talk claims to have the most effective subliminal messaging programs that are available today. I can’t verify whether this is true, but what I can assure you is that Inner Talk will reprogram the way you view the world. Your brain will start thinking more positively and your negative inner dialogues will decrease.

Inner Talk can benefit your audience in areas like better sleep, more fulfilling relationships or even improved sports performance.

How To Promote Affiliate Products

The best way to promote affiliate products is through a niche website. You can also use social media or an email list, but for that you are going to need a huge following.

I find a niche blog to be the most profitable way of promoting affiliate products. Why?

The content you create on a niche blog will last forever. A website is one of the greatest assets you can have, because it has the potential of earning passive income. You can write an article once and keep earning money from it for years to come.

When promoting affiliate products with social media, you are always depended on a platform. If the platform decides to change its rules, your content can be gone overnight.

On the other side, a blog is an asset that you own. You don’t have to fit in any requirements and guidelines. You can design your website just the way you want.

Besides that, many affiliate programs require you to have a website in order to qualify for the affiliate program.

Aren’t sure how to create a blog and promote affiliate products? If so, check out my #1 recommended program that will teach you all of that.

Final Thoughts On Personal Development Affiliate Programs

Self-improvement is a billion-dollar industry. You can create a lot of content around it and promote a variety of different products. Keep in mind that the market is so huge that niching down is a must. You can niche down to a sub-niche like productivity, mindset, goal-setting, self-awareness, etc.

In this article I shared 10 of the best personal development affiliate programs. There are a lot more, such as Tai Lopez and Neurogym, but this post would have become really long if I had to cover all of them.

If you didn’t find an affiliate program that matches your target audience, you can do further investigation by typing ”personal development affiliate programs” in Google.

Once you have found an affiliate program, it is time to start promoting it (preferably with a blog). If you need help, check out my #1 recommended program that will teach you everything step-by-step.

Also, leave a comment to let me know what you think of the 10 personal development affiliate programs that I covered in this article 🙂

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12 thoughts on “10 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs”

  1. Hi Delyana,

    Thanks for sharing this informative article to help people get some self-development program for themselves or only for the commissions. Among all the good choices you listed today, I find myself likes MasterClass the best since the starting price is only $17.


  2. Hey there, thanks a lot for sharing this post about the best personal development programs. I have got a site in this niche and I can vouch that personal development is one of the best, but also toughest niches out there.

    Your list here is awesome and I agree with every single suggestion from this list. Have you considered Proctor-Gallagher institute as well? Bob Proctor is one of the leaders in this industry and has got a few awesome products and an affiliate program too (available on Clickbank).

    • I haven’t heard about Proctor-Gallagher institute, but after checking it out, it seems like a legit program. There are so many awesome affiliate programs in the personal development niche that I couldn’t cover them all in this post :D. But for anyone reading this comment, Proctor-Gallagher institute has great products and it is worth joining their affiliate program.

  3. I find that the courses on Udemy are probably the easiest the promote, since you’re linking to an authority site that most people would recongnize.

    I’ve tried promoting other affiliate programs as well, but none of the seemed to work as great as the Udemy one did.

    You’ve listed some great programs in your post. Hopefully, people will recognize their worth and listen to your advice. You’re a smart girl who knows her business.

    Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for reviewing this information. I have saved this article for future reference as I am continuing to define my audience. I have developed a personal development product that I have sold through live webinars, but I am also interested in viable affiliate programs as well as moving forward.

    • That’s great. I hope you manage to get more sales. A tip would be to not only sell your own product. Let your audience know that there are other products that you recommend. This will show your audience that you are not just looking to take their money, which will make you seem more credible 🙂

  5. Of the 10, I knew Udemy for its diverse courses. Its a good personal development program that I would recommend to anyone.

    I had not known that they have an affiliate program. Going to check it out in the near future.

    Thank you for this article.


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