Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review – Is It Worth The Money?

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Are you thinking about buying Biaheza’s dropshipping course and are wondering if it’s a scam? If so, this Biaheza Dropshipping Course review was especially made for you.

Biaheza is a successful online entrepreneur and a YouTuber who has managed to make millions of dollars online. He has launched his own dropshipping course to teach people how to do the same. But is this course actually worth it?

By the time you’re done reading this Biaheza Dropshipping Course review, you will know exactly what’s inside, what you can expect and whether this course is worth your money.

Without further ado. Let’s get into it.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review – Summary 

Product Name: Biaheza Dropshipping Course

Founder: Biaheza

Product Type: Dropshipping Course

Price: $297

Best For: People who want to learn the basics of dropshipping

Summary: Biaheza Dropshipping Course offers legitimate training on dropshipping. The price is affordable, but the course is very short and does not go in detail. You do get some value for your money, but the training just doesn’t go in depth like other courses do.

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

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What is Biaheza Dropshipping Course?

Biaheza Dropshipping Course is an hour and a half dropshipping course, created by the YouTuber and young entrepreneur Biaheza.

The course is meant for beginners or people who have previously tried dropshipping, but were not successful with it. In his course, Biaheza even reveals his best-selling products.

The way he describes his course makes you think that you can just replicate his methods and achieve similar results. But in reality it is not that easy as he describes it. There are a lot of key points that are not covered in the course.

I will talk about them later, but for now let me introduce you to the creator.

Who Is Biaheza?

Biaheza is a 19 years old entrepreneur and a YouTuber. He has made millions of dollars from his online businesses and now he is getting into rental properties. He makes videos on a variety of different topics, such as rental properties, hustling and cars, but he is mostly known for his dropshipping videos.

biaheza dropshipping course review

He shares a lot of advice on e commerce and social media marketing, and different strategies to make money online.

His course, Biaheza Dropshipping Course is supposed to show you how you can replicate his success and apply the same strategies as him. But is it really that way? Let’s take a look at how it all works.

How Does Biaheza Dropshipping Course Work?

As the name reveals, this course is about dropshipping. The entire course lasts an hour and a half and is broken down into 13 short lessons. In his course, Biaheza reveals his own way of building online stores and shows you how you can get the same results as him.

Here is a short description of how it all works:

First you decide on a product. Biaheza helps you to do that and even shares his most profitable products. After that you have to create a Shopify store that you will drive traffic to. The way you do that is through paid advertisement, aka ads.

This are the very basics of how a dropshipping business works. Now let’s take a look at what’s included in Biaheza Dropshipping Course.

Inside Biaheza Dropshipping Course

As mentioned earlier the course consists of 13 lessons that last an hour and a half in total.

Here is the course curriculum:

  • What Products ACTUALLY Work for Dropshipping
  • The Software I Use to Find Winning Products
  • Five Winning Product Examples + Revealing Products I Have Personally Dropshipped
  • Creating a Brand New Shopify Website From Scratch Step by Step
  • Where to Get Content for Your Store
  • Setting up the Shipping and Legal Pages
  • Building a Proper Instagram Company Page From Scratch
  • Where to Find Content for Your Company Page
  • What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install it
  • My FULL Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy
  • Choosing the Right Pages to Advertise on
  • How to use Facebook Ads
  • How I Target and Scale my Facebook Ads (Full Strategy)
  • How to Deal With Taxes
  • Setting up Customer Support
  • Conclusion

As you can see there is a lot that this course claims to cover, but the fact that it is only 90 minutes long makes me wonder, ‘’How is it possible that he explains everything in such a short period?’’.

The truth is that Biaheza skips a lot of the key moments of dropshipping, which I will talk about in a second. But first let’s take a look at what I like about this program.

Who’s Biaheza Dropshipping Course For (and not for)?

Biaheza Dropshipping Course is suitable for you who want to get a surface-level understanding of how dropshipping works without having to spend a lot of money on training courses.

Note that even though the course is affordable, you will still need money to drive traffic to your business. If you don’t have the budget (at least $500 per month) to run ads, then dropshipping is not the right business for you.

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What I Like About Biaheza Dropshipping Course?

Affordable Price

Despite being very short, Biaheza Dropshipping Course is very affordable. For a dropshipping course, $297 is not expensive at all. Most dropshipping courses cost thousands of dollars.

Great Info On How To Choose A Product

Dropshipping is all about choosing the right products. Biaheza teaches you very well how to find the right products and shares some pretty awesome strategies. He even gives you product examples from his own dropshipping business.

Many people decide to buy Biaheza’s course because he reveals his top winning products. This is great, but there is just a small side note that I want to mention.

If everyone knows what his winning products are, they will soon not be as lucrative as they were before he created the course. If everyone knows about them, they are not special anymore.

What I DON’T Like About Biaheza Dropshipping Course?

The Training Does Not Go In Depth

Biaheza shows you how to create a brand new dropshipping store, but in my opinion there are courses out there that are much more detailed. Biaheza shows you a step-by-step process and covers the basics, but if you want something more in depth, my suggestion is to try something else.

Shopify is very technical and can get tricky sometimes. So if you are a complete beginner, you will have a hard time understanding everything just by going through Biaheza’s course.

Not Enough Strategies To Drive Traffic

As mentioned earlier, after you have chosen a product and created your Shopify store, you will have to drive traffic to your offers. The way you do that is through ads.

Biaheza teaches you two strategies in his course. He teaches you how to drive traffic with Instagram and Facebook.

Something that is missing in my opinion is Google Ads. I was a bit surprised when I found that Biaheza Dropshipping Course doesn’t teach you how to drive traffic with Google Ads. Google and Bing are two of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to Shopify, so that’s something that this course is missing.

There is nothing wrong with driving traffic from Facebook and Instagram. In fact, these are two powerful ways, but there is a small problem. Facebook marketing is quite tricky. Facebook accounts tend to get shut down because Facebook doesn’t really like marketers. If you make the smallest mistake, you run the risk of getting your account shut down.

I am not saying that Facebook marketing is bad, but I just want you to be aware of what can go wrong. I don’t advise you to build your business entirely on Facebook.

Most Of The Information Can Be Found For Free Online

Most of the information that Biaheza provides in his course can be found for free with a quick Google search. In some aspects, the free content can give you more detailed and valuable information than the course.

For example, how to set up a Shopify store.

biaheza dropshipping course review - income proof

On the other side, you may get some valuable insights from Biaheza’s explanations.

Is Biaheza Dropshipping Course a Scam?

No, Biaheza Dropshipping Course isn’t a scam. It is a legitimate dropshipping course, but not the best one out there.

The course is pretty straightforward and the price is affordable. What you get for the $297 is not bad, but the training could have been more in depth.

Biaheza creates great content and knows how to get views and subscribers, but overall his course is just too basic and there’s nothing inside it that’ll teach you something you couldn’t find for free on YouTube.

You may make some money with Biaheza’s course, but keep in mind that there are much better ways to make money online. Let me first tell you why I am not a huge fan of dropshipping and then tell you what my favorite business model is (that you can start for FREE).

Why I Am Not A Fan Of Dropshipping

While it is true that you can make money from dropshipping, there are a lot of disadvantages with it.

thumbs down

The biggest problem with dropshipping is that you have to spend money on ads. It is very difficult to scale a dropshipping business with free traffic, so paid advertising is a must. You will need a budget of at least $500 a month just for running ads. If you don’t have that money and are trying to do dropshipping, you are just wasting your time.

Other than that, you are guaranteed to lose money in the beginning, because you have to test different ad campaigns. After you have identified what works, you can cut off what doesn’t and only keep the profitable ads.

The second reason I don’t like dropshipping is because it is the least profitable business model that takes the most amount of time. The profit margins are very small, usually around 15-20%. This means that in order for you to make money with dropshipping, you have to sell hundreds or even thousands of units every single day.

The third reason why dropshipping isn’t the best business model out there is because you’re the one responsible for the customer service. So if something goes wrong and the customer is not happy, you have to deal with that.

It’s an extremely manual business and the only way to scale it up is to build a team. This means that you have to hire people to do the manual transactions.

Is There A Better Option? (YES! A Much More Profitable One)

Biaheza Dropshipping Course review - a better option

If you came here looking for a way to make money online, let me tell you that affiliate marketing is a much better option than dropshipping.

You don’t have to deal with buying products, customer support, transactions or anything else. Your only job is to drive traffic to an offer. The profit margins are much higher too.

For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is basically the process of recommending other people’s products and earning commissions each time someone buys.

If you want to know more about the difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing, check out this article: Affiliate Marketing VS Dropshipping

Overall affiliate marketing is a much more profitable business model than dropshipping. If you decide to give it a try, check out my FREE Make Money Online Guide below.

It will show you exactly how affiliate marketing works, what it is, why it is so profitable and how to do it the right way.

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That was it for my Biaheza Dropshipping Course review. If you have any questions or thoughts about the course, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will be more than happy to answer you 🙂


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16 thoughts on “Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review – Is It Worth The Money?”

  1. Delyana,

    I’ve heard of drop shipping more lately – I had never known what it was or how it worked. I had some woman soliciting to my email not long ago about how to be successful with Amazon drop shipping, but she wanted $500 for her course just to learn the basics. I can’t recall her name, but at the time, I was broke, so $500 was bill money and out of the question.

    That’s when I found a better platform and I’m thankful I did, because now I know that affiliate marketing is the better route to go.

    Thanks for this information, I’m glad I came across this so I know to avoid his supposed course.


    • Thank you for your comment Katrina. It’s not that the course is bad. He does cover the basics, but the business model itself is not good in my opinion. Affiliate marketing is a much better option and I am glad to hear that you didn’t fall for that $500 course and started with affiliate marketing instead.

  2. Hi, Delyana,
    Very informative, article.
    I like your way of thinking, start off with something that requires very little outlay. This is also the advice of legendary Autralian business man Peter Daniels, he retired some time ago, but at one point was one of the wealthiest men in Australia.
    Wealthy Affiliate seems to provide an excellent opportunity deserving serious consideration.
    Would you be there to help me?

  3. Great article and honest review!! I agree with you that there seems to be better options! I would not want to do dropshipping either.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi and thanks for this great review.
    As you say it seems to be a bit of a shame that this course misses some obvious elements. You would have to think it would be easy enough to fix by just adding more material covering the missing parts. I don’t know much about dropshipping other than what I have read but I’m sure that as it say it is intense dealing with customer support. That would tend to suggest to me that the better products for a dropshipping business would be ones that require minimal customer support. Thanks again for the great review. Best regards, Andy

    • Thank you so much Andy. Yes, the customer support is one of the major downsides with dropshipping. As you say you should choose a product wisely, but my number one recommendation is affiliate marketing.

  5. There was one time ago before I heard of Wealthy Affiliate that I was thinking aboout trying my hand at drop shipping. This business is lucrative and it is amazing how this young man have sure made a name being so young and making that kind of money especially when it comes to drop shipping.

    The course is short like you pointed out and it is intresting as to why he leaves a lot of key information out although the price for the course may be affortable. Thanks for sharing

    • Yes, I agree that this young man’s success is amazing and he is good with social media and YouTube. I was a bit surprised that his course jumped over some key moments in dropshipping, but I hope he fixes that in the future. Until then, I don’t recommend his course. I recommend affiliate marketing to anyone who wants to make money online.

  6. Great breakdown and analysis Delyana. So many of these courses are underwhelming. And you only find out once you’ve tried it – then it’s too late. This review will save many people money 🙂

  7. Hi Ladia,

    Thanks for this introduction of Biaheza Dropshipping course, it’s comprehensive and I got everythingI want to know. The biggest downside for me is that there is no traffic strategy of Google, just Facebook & Instagram.

    We all know there running paid ads on Fecebook and Instagram costs a fortune, so I kinda feel like it’s only for people who are not short of budget and like to run a dropshipping business.

    Anyway, thanks for shaing today, keep up the good work. 🙂


  8. Thanks for the heads up on another so-so program out there. Like you said the majority of this information can be found online if a person is interesting in dropshipping as an income source. I appreciate the details on this. All the Best.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, if a person is interested in dropshipping, he can easily find most of the information on the internet. It may take longer, but investing in this course is not worth it in my opinion.


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