How To Find a Mentor In Affiliate Marketing?

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As you probably know, affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s product and earning commissions for doing so. The company handles all the behind the scenes stuff and your only job is to drive traffic to the offer. But how to find a mentor in affiliate marketing?

The truth is, that it is almost impossible to succeed without an affiliate marketing mentor.

Luckily, in this article I will tell you everything about affiliate marketing mentorship. I will explain what an affiliate marketing mentor is, why you need one and how you can find one.

Let’s get started!

How To Find a Mentor In Affiliate Marketing


What Is an Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

An affiliate marketing mentor is someone who has achieved affiliate marketing success and is there to teach you how to replicate his results.

A mentor is someone with more experienced than you. He is there to teach you his knowledge and guide you in the right direction.

A mentor will help you reach success faster and more efficient. You won’t have to go through the same mistakes that your mentor went through.

Why Do You Need an Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

The biggest advantage with having an affiliate marketing mentor is that you will reach success so much faster. You wouldn’t have to figure things out on your own. Instead you will have a blueprint that leads to success.

Mentorship does not apply only to online marketing. It applies to every area of life. Here are 5 reasons why you need a mentor:

  1. It will shorten your learning curve.
  2. You will have someone to answer all of your questions immediately and give you advice
  3. It’s easier to learn from other people’s mistakes than from your own.
  4. You don’t know what you don’t know. A mentor is there to introduce you to everything you need to know.
  5. Two brains think better than one.

How To Find a Mentor In Affiliate Marketing? πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ«πŸ’΅

Below I will list the best sources of information that has helped me find my affiliate marketing mentors:

1. YouTube

YouTube is without a doubt one of the best places to find affiliate marketing mentors. There are tons of tutorials, Q&A’s, tips and tricks.

By watching videos on YouTube, you will get exposed to different affiliate marketers. You can then compare their marketing strategies and choose the one that resonates with you. Subscribe to their channels, follow them on social media and after a while you can even ask for mentorship.

2. Blogs

There are so many blogs in the make money online niche that teach affiliate marketing. Many of those bloggers have achieved success and share income reports, case studies and lots of valuable tips. Visit their blogs frequently.

Another thing to look for is those people’s success stories. They are literally giving you the blueprint. Your only job is follow it.

3. Online Forums

Online forums, such as Warrior Forum and Affiliate Fix, are great sources to learn from. There are a lot of discussions going on there and by joining them you can learn a lot. Many successful affiliate marketers contribute to these forums, so keep an eye on them every now and then.

4. Webinars

Follow successful YouTubers and subscribe to their email lists, and you will most likely come across a webinar. Many affiliate marketers create webinars where they explain how the process they have gone trough in order to reach success.

Another good thing with live webinars is that you can interact with other participants who have similar goals as you.

5. Facebook Groups

There are tons of Facebook groups created by thriving affiliate marketers that you can join. They share valuable content every week and members are contributing to the group daily. You can ask anything you want or connect with others by answering their questions.

Click here to join my Facebook group πŸ™‚

6. Podcasts

Head on to Spotify, iTunes or Sound Cloud and search for affiliate marketing. Tons of suggestions will pop up. Even if you are a busy person, you can always listen to them on the go.

7. Books

Books are one of the best sources of knowledge that you can tap into. There are so may affiliate marketing books out there, but one that stood out to me was Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson.

The best thing about books is that it took several years for those people to write that book and you get to read it in a few hours. Definitely take advantage of books. You can find great mentors there.

8. Hire a Coach

Last but not least, you have the option to hire a coach. As you follow different affiliate marketers you will notice that they offer coaching services.

My advice is to first consume all of their free content and then decide if you want to buy their coaching service. The problem is that these people are extremely busy. They value their time and therefore, charge a lot for one-on-one consultations.

A better option would be to buy a full course that will teach you everything for a much cheaper price. I will tell you about a great option, but first let’s recap.


Key Takeaways

  • Everybody needs a mentor, no matter the field
  • Have ONE mentor at a time. Don’t try to learn from multiple mentors at once. It will just lead to overwhelm
  • Know that no one is a master of everything. Have different mentors for the different aspects of your business, such as sales funnels, SEO, lead generation, etc.
  • Teach your new knowledge to others. Not only will you help others grow, but you will also remember the new information better.

What Should You Do Next?

My advice to all of you who are serious about building an affiliate marketing business, is to join Wealthy Affiliate. It is an interactive platform that teaches you how to build a money generating affiliate website. Other than training, you will also get all the support and tools you need.

Create a free Wealthy Affiliate account here.Β 

I Would Love To Hear Back From You

That was it for this blog post. I hope you found it useful and that you now know how to find a mentor in affiliate marketing. I am curious to know if anyone of you already has a mentor? If so, how did you find him/her? Share your answers in the comments below πŸ˜‰


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24 thoughts on “How To Find a Mentor In Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Hi, your article is very interesting I enjoy reading. A lot of good information you have for beginners. I consider myself still a beginner in affiliate marketing and I look at two mentors I have from YouTube. And believe me, I go often and look at their video, it’s good for motivation. Thank you for sharing this article

  2. This site has helped me to learn better ways to make moves in our journeys to making success as well. Strategies that we can utilize through many platforms we just have to do our research further. This is on us if we want to follow simple blueprints for others’ layout for us.
    We can’t wait till the next articles so that we learn more.


  3. Having a mentor is indeed the fastest approach to speeding up the learning process. Don’t get me wrong, colleagues are wonderful, but having a mentor allows you to understand the subject on a deeper level.

    Your content never seems to disappoint, and that’s why I always keep coming back for me. As always, stay safe and keep thriving.


  4. Hi Delyana,

    Thank you for such great advice! I second your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, but I actually hadn’t thought of or pursued a lot of the other resources out there that you mention (which I’m kind of kicking myself over). I joined your facebook group, and a few others, and I’m planning on exploring Youtube right away.

    Thanks again for so much great advice!

    • Thanks for joining my group and I am glad that you found my article useful. It means a lot 😊. Take things step by step. It can become overwhelming if you try to do it all at once.

  5. These are definitely very great tips on how to find a mentor in affiliate marketing. This area requires a lot of learning and upgrading knowledge, and it’s great that there are so many options online that can help you. Thanks for all the tips!

  6. Thanks for sharing:) I paid for an affiliate marketing mentor a few years ago and it was worth every penny. I also follow a few marketers on Youtube, and bought a course from one. She is very helpful on her private Facebook group, and I learn just by reading her comments. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for all levels, but especially for newbies. Kathy

  7. Mentors are extremely important in marketing, business development, and personal growth. Masterminds are vital as well to share ideas and stay on track. Lots of good info you have provided. I will share some of it with my mastermind group. All the Best.

  8. You are so right, we are not alone there are so many people and programs out there some free of charge that can help us to have success much faster by guiding us along the way. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I have to agree having a mentor makes all the difference in the world. It takes a lot of the guess work out of affiliate marketing as it can be overwhelming, especially to a new person. If you think back to when we were in school we all had a mentor of some kind, be it a teacher or a coach.
    One of the best places online besides Youtube would have to be Wealthy Affiliate the platform is full of full time experts in the field of affiliate marketing. Always willing to lend a helping hand also.

    • You are 100% right. We all need mentors in all areas of our lives. Not that we can’t figure things out on our own, but it will take MUCH longer. And we all know that time is our most precious asset.

  10. Hi, Great post. This is very true, a mentor is the qucikest way to becoming succesful.

    I found a guy on YouTube called Liam James Kay. He shows how to make multiple income streams online and to be honest, most of them are pretty easy to do if you follow his videos.

  11. Really this is so informative, I like the way you narrated your articles because mentoring helps speed up the processes of learning and provides the support you need. Thanks for the great article.

  12. Hi Delyana,
    Thanks so much for your article, you have some great advice here on How to find a mentor in affiliate marketing. I learned a lot from this article and my key takeaways
    1. I had never heard of Affiliate fix – great resource
    2. There are so many opportunities for good mentors
    3. You’re right, there are many great podcasts
    4. A personal coach from an online community is invaluable.
    Thanks so much for sharing these great tips, John


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