Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam or Legit? Honest Review

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Welcome to my Cowboy Wealth review. The company claims that you can make money without the need of face-to-face selling or recruitment. Is it true or is Cowboy Wealth a scam?

After doing my research I found out that Cowboy Wealth is just a gateway to another MLM compnay, called Melaleuca. The company is legit, but it is not worth joining and in this review I am going to explain why.

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Let’s begin!

What Is Cowboy Wealth About? 🤠💵

What is Cowboy Wealth about? Well you can’t know what this company is about unless you give them your personal information. Even I was a bit confused what Cowboy Wealth is about when I first heard about them.

They don’t give you a lot of information about how the business works. The sales video is full of vague information that does not explain what you will be doing. They only claim that you can make a lot of money with it.

Luckily I did some research and found out that Cowboy Wealth is just a gateway site designed to sign you up as a distributor for Melaleuca.

What Is Melaleuca?

 Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam

Melaleuca is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche, just like Shaklee, Navan Global and PureTrim. The way it works is that you start selling their products and building a downline. You earn money from the products you sell and from the activity of the people you recruited.

Unlike many other MLMs, Melaleuca is not a pyramid scheme. They do have real products and the majority if their income does not come from recruitment.

Their products are legit and they focus on helping people to improve their health. But just like any other MLM company, their products are over-priced and the quality is just average.

Should You Join Melaleuca?

If you are great at face-to-face selling and don’t mind recruiting friends and family, then Melaleuca may be a good option for you.

But if you are just looking for a way to make money online and be financially free, there are better ways to do that. At the end of this review I will tell you about the business model that I recommend, but for now let’s discuss the pros and the cons of Cowboy Wealth.

Cowboy Wealth: The Good & The Bad

The Good

Melaleuca Is A Legit Company

Even though I am not a fan of MLM, Melaleuca is a legit company. They have their own products and the revenue does not solely come from recruitment. The company have been around since 1985 and have a pretty good track record.

But again, I am not a fan of MLM and the infographic below explains why:

is cowboy wealth a scam

The Bad

The Company Is Not Transparent

Cowboy Wealth tells you that the company is not about recruitment, becoming a distributor or doing face-to-face selling. But in reality, the company is the total opposite of their claims.

They are just another MLM company. There is nothing wrong about that, but why aren’t they transparent? Why all the hype?

Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam?

I wouldn’t call Cowboy Wealth a 100% scam. The company they are promoting, Melaleuca, is legit. But they are still on the scammy end of the scale.

In fact, Cowboy Wealth is a very bad business opportunity in my opinion. They are not being transparent about how the business works and that’s a huge red flag to me.

Whenever a company is legit, the owners clearly disclaim what the business is about and how it works. No offense to the creators of Cowboy Wealth (Chris and Cathy Sorensen), but they should have made it clear that Cowboy Wealth is just a gateway to Melaleuca.

Here’s a Better Way To Make Money Online

Being an MLM distributor can be a profitable side hustle if you have good communication skills and are excellent at face-to-face selling.

Personally, I’m not a fan of multi-level-marketing. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You are limited to promoting a narrow range of usually very overpriced products
  • You will have to do a lot of face-to-face selling
  • Your earning potential is limited to the amount of people you can recruit 
  • You will most likely have to sell to friends and family


The business model I prefer is called affiliate marketing, which is all about earning commissions for promoting other people’s products. With affiliate marketing:

  • There’s no recruiting
  • There’s no face-to-face selling. Everything happens online.
  • You can promote any product you want
  • Once everything is set up, your business will require very little of your time and you will earn money even while you sleep
  • It’s free to get started

The best place to learn affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need in one place. What’s even better is that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Got Any Questions?

That was it for my Cowboy Wealth review. I hope you found it helpful. If you happen to have any more questions about the company, feel free to ask me in the comments down below 😉

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10 thoughts on “Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam or Legit? Honest Review”

  1. That name is very intresting, when it comes to mlms I know first that the people at the bottom will not profit. These types of business is not worth the investment.

  2. Hi Delyana,
    I appreciate your detailed review of Cowboy Wealth. To be honest, I have not seen this one yet but now I feel like I would be able to identify it, and others like it. I think with COVID going on we are seeing a plethora of new type “get rich” while eating bon-bons popping up and without reviews like yours, people could really waste a lot of time and money. Thank you for all that you do

    • Yes, a lot of online companies and make money online opportunities are launched during COVID. Unfortunately, many of them are scams, so you should always do your research before joining.

  3. Great post, Ladia, I once was a part of an MLM and I know first hand that you have to recruit and buy a certain amount of goods yourself to keep your membership active, I would not be willing to recommend anyone to an MLM, I know people who claim they are doing or have done well as an MLM member, but it is not for everyone, In my opinion, Affiliate marketing is a better choice.

    • I agree with you. There are many successful networking marketers, but the majority of people who join an MLM fail to make money and end up quitting. These are the facts. I haven’t been part of an MLM, so I can’t speak from personal experience. But I have researched many MLM companies and know that it is very hard to succeed.

  4. This type of recruiting approach of leading you into another company reminds of the “curiosity approach” technique used by Amway and other MLMs way back when network marketing was gaining a lot of traction. You would ask a person to show up to a meeting but not tell them what it was until they got there. This is a similar scammy approach. Thanks for the insights on this business.

  5. I had no idea that Melaleuca is a multi-level marketing company and that it works the exact same way as the other companies mentioned above.

    For a company with that kind of experience (over three decades), I am not amazed at how it runs things, so it’s hard for me to give them credibility.

    I’ve never been a fan of MLM’s, and by the looks of, the Melaleuca is just that. I might as well give your recommendation a shot.

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing such valuable information. I’m sure your readers appreciate it.


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