Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam? (Unbiased Review)

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I bet you are here because you got introduced to WorldVentures and now you are wondering ”Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme?”

You have probably seen all those Instagram posts of people holding a sign, saying “You Should Be Here”  and are wondering ”Can you really make money with WorldVentures, while you travel?”

In this unbiased WorldVentures review I will tell you everything you need to know before deciding to join.

Let’s begin!

WorldVentures Review Summary

Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme

Company: WorldVentures

Price to join: Wayne Nugent

Business model: Travel MLM

Do I recommend it? NO!

Overall rating: 1/10


WorldVentures is a travel MLM company that give people the opportunity to travel the world while earning money. All those social media posts make it look like an amazing opportunity,but no matter how great they market the company, the facts speak for themselves.

The chances of making money with WorldVentures are very small. Only those who recruit like crazy can earn a decent income.

The company has even been banned from certain countries and it has also been sued for being a pyramid scheme.

Other than low earning potential and being a pyramid scheme, you are also limited to the vacations you can go to and the activities you can do.

Overall, WorldVentures should be avoided at ll costs.

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What Is WorldVentures About?

WorldVentures is a an MLM travel company that was founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent (WorldVentures CEO). The company has over half a million members due to its lucrative offers.

WorldVentures operates as a travel club with a network marketing angle for recruiting. They are a leading direct selling company for vacation memberships.

They claim that if you join the compnay, you can ”live life, while making a living”. But is it really so?

Can you travel the world and make money at the same time? Well, yes…, but not with WorldVentures!

Unfortunately, WorldVentures turns out to be a pyramid scheme and in this review I will tell you why. In the mean time check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Before I begin with this WorldVentures review, watch the short video below to get a better idea of what WorldVenture claims.

As you can probably notice this is just a sales video, which doesn’t give you a clear idea of what exactly you will be doing if you join WorldVentures. So the question still remains…

Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme?🔼

Technically, WorldVentures isn’t a pyramid scheme. They do have real products, such as packaged trips and vacations, but the fact that the majority of people make money from recruitment makes it a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Many MLM companies, like WorldVentures and Scentsy, hide behind their products. They use their products to seem legitimate, but in reality the only way to make money is by recruiting others into the system.

Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme

This is called a pyramid scheme. By the way pyramid schemes are illegal in all countries and are destined to collapse at some point. There is no way for everyone to make money in a pyramid scheme. Only those at the top make money at the expense at those of the bottom.

A much better business model is affiliate marketing. It is a legitimate way to make money online, while having the freedom to travel the world.

 How Do You Make Money With WorldVentures?

WorldVentures offers several memberships. Through these memberships, people can promote WorldVentures’ products and earn commissions and points for vacations.

WorldVentures doesn’t market the company in the usual way. Instead they use everyday people to do the promotion for them. In exchange these people get discounts on hotels, trips, activities, car rentals, etc.

Members can even recruit others into the system to get even more bonus points. Recruitment is the main way people can make money, which makes this travel MLM a pyramid scheme.

The tricky part is that the points you accumulate can’t be used before your 1 year anniversary, which means that members have to pay a monthly fee for 12 months before they can even use their rewards points.

Something else is that you don’t have control over when or where you go on vacation. WorldVentures has full control over that. They tell you when and where the trips are available and you have to adjust to their schedule.

How Much Does It Cost To Join WorldVentures?

The  initial membership fee is $199.99, but you will also have to pay a monthly fee of $49.99. And if you are a Gold or a Platinum member these fees will be much higher (almost double the price).

The monthly fee is called the Representative Business System (RBS) fee and it covers stuff like website maintenance and marketing tools.

And if you really want to be successful, you will have to attend training events that can cost you hundreds of dollars.

The worst part is that you will only be eligible for the commissions after you have recruited 30 people in your downline (more on that in the next section).

At the end it turns out, WorldVentures is not so cheap as it seemed at first.

And if you think you will make it up by the earnings from WorldVentures compensation plan, think twice. The majority of their distributors don’t earn anything. Only 1% of them earn a maximum of $325 a year!

Watch the video below for more information about the membership plans and whether WorldVentures’ packages are worth it:

WorldVentures Compensation Plan

WorldVentures’ compensation plan is  so complicated that it would be impossible for me to cover everything in this review. Instead, I will  cover the most important thing you need to know.

The most important thing you need to know about WorldVentures’ compensation plans is that you have to recruit 30 people before you can start earning commissions. Most people underestimate how hard this is. You will be lucky if you manage to get 5 referrals.

Having to recruit 30 people before you can start earning is the main reason why it is almost impossible to be profitable with WorldVentures.

You can see the whole compensation plan here.

Is WorldVentures a Scam?

No, it’s a legitimate company. The real question is whether you can make a lot of money as a distributor?

And the answer to that question is ”no”.

As mentioned earlier, the only real way to make money with WorldVentures is through recruitment, which is very hard to do. If you are an experienced marketer, you may make some money, but if you are a complete beginner, then WorldVentures isn’t the best opportunity for you.

Other than being a bad business opportunity, WorldVentures has a sketchy past. There have been many lawsuits against WorldVentures. Below you can see some of them:

  • WorldVentures has been banned from Norway in 2018
  • In 2018, distributors sued World Ventures for unpaid commissions
  • In 2017, a class-action lawsuit accused them of operating a pyramid scheme

What happened to WorldVentures in 2017? Why were they accused of being a pyramid scheme? The main argument for the lawsuit was that WorldVentures rewards recruiting over product sales.

Final Verdict: Should You Join WorldVentures?

Based on my research, no! WorldVentures’ products might be legit, but if your goal is to start an online business that will allow you to travel the world, there are much better (and cheaper) opportunities.

Check out my #1 recommendation here

That was it for this WorldVentures review. I hope your question ”Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme” got answered. If you happen to have any more thought or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below 😉

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6 thoughts on “Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam? (Unbiased Review)”

  1. They are not a scam as I have heard of them and been to a meeting before but this platform in my opinion is not a place to generate a full time income even though others cliam that they do.

  2. Hi, this is a good article to read for marketers. This kind of companies are illegal in Canada. Thank you for sharing, this is a great post.

  3. Wow, you really have to recruit a bunch of folks before you making any money to speak of. That is ridiculous. There are so many other vehicles to earn that are much better. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will save people time and money.

    • Thanks. I hope this review reaches a lot of people and helps them save a lot of money and time. There are much better ways to travel the world and earn passive income while you do it.


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