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Welcome to my Ultimate Guide To Make Money Online. This Step-By-Step Guide was created especially for you who want to make real money online, but nothing you’ve tried works.

What I’m about to share with you could (literally) save you years of struggling and wasting money on fake programs.

By the end of it you will know exactly how real money is made on the internet and how you can get started for FREE.

But before I begin, let me introduce myself.

Who am I?

Hey, fellow hustlers and future millionaires!

My name is Delyana.

I’m just an ordinary girl with a high school degree who wants to make money online, be financially independent, travel around the world and spend more time with the people I love. 

At the age of 18, I decided that I didn’t want to live the 9 to 5 lifestyle. I wanted to create a passive income stream that would generate money even when I sleep.

So, I decided that making money online is my best option.

The only problem was that I didn’t have any technical skills or a lot of money to invest. I didn’t have a college degree and I didn’t know anything about sales or marketing. 

Just like many people, I started searching for “how to make money online”. I spent all my awaken time researching different make-money-online opportunities.

I came across a lot of scam products claiming that they would teach me how to make thousands of dollars in one month, a few days or even hours. 

What I discovered is that all of them are fake. It’s impossible for you to make thousands of dollars in such a short period of time, if you are just getting started. 

I wasn’t after the quick solutions. I wanted a legitimate way of making a full-time income online, so I kept searching.

I spent months consuming content on the internet, but nothing seemed to work. I got overwhelmed and just when I was about to give up…I finally found it!

I found a legitimate business model that would allow me to earn passive income, travel the world and be financially free for the rest of my life. 

And in this guide I will tell you exactly what this business model is, how it works and how you can get started TODAY!

Why I created this Guide?

There’s simply too much opportunity with the method that I am about to share with you. It would be impossible for me to scoop it all up for myself, even if I wanted to.

I know what it’s like to feel completely lost online, struggling to figure out what’s “real” and what’s not. Buying program after program, hoping that “this one” will be different. 

This formula was given to me when I needed it the most.  So I WANT to pay it forward by sharing this and that’s why I created this guide. I want to share what I found so you can build the online business of your dreams too!

Many people promise to ‘’help you’’ make big money online, but in reality they are only after your hard-earned money. 

I won’t try to sell anything to you. My intention with this guide is to REALLY help you get started and reveal to you the 4-step formula of making money online.

The number one reason why most people fail (and how you can avoid it)

Many people are motivated when first starting a business. They are excited about the possibilities that an online business can provide. But after a while when they don’t see the results as fast as they expected, they get discouraged and give up.

This is because they didn’t have the right mindset. 

A lot of internet ‘’gurus’’ tell you that you can earn thousands of dollars online in just a few weeks, days or even hours. What they’re really doing, is taking advantage of your inner desire to make money online quickly and easily.

Listen to me carefully! 

It is impossible to make that amount of money in such short period if you are just getting started.

It’s not that it’s hard to make money online, but if you keep listening to fake online gurus it’s virtually impossible to succeed.

Earning $10,000 or more per month online is easier than you think. Most people just don’t have the right mentor to show them the exact process. 

What I’m sharing with you today is free.

So put your credit card away. You won’t be needing that.

What I am about to show you works, but it will take time and effort. Don’t expect quick results. 

The good thing though, is that once you set it up, your business will run on autopilot and it will require very little of your time. You will have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want and with whomever you want, without having to worry about money.

I understand that everyone wants to make money with the push of a button, but that is not how things work. 

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. The process is simple but it takes time and effort. The more effort you can put into it, the more results and income you will enjoy down the road.

If you understand that this online business takes time and real effort to build, then this guide could be the answer for you.

If you are an action taker, you can just skip all this stuff and start building your business right now. The actual training lessons start on the next page. 





The Ultimate Way To Make Money Online

There are a lot of business opportunities on the internet, but the one that I have found the most effective is creating a small website about a topic you are passionate about. 

Don’t freak out! Creating a website is really simple and I will show you exactly how you can create a website for FREE later in this guide. 

But for now, let’s focus on how you will be making money.

Let’s say you love dogs and decide to create your website around how to take care of puppies. Taking care of puppies is your so-called ‘’niche’’.


Then on your website, you will be creating helpful content around puppies, such as how to take care of them, food, vaccination, toys and getting your home ready for a puppy.  

As time goes by, your website will start showing on the first page of Google. People will click on your website and read your articles. 

Let’s say that you have written an article about ‘’How to choose the best food for puppies’’. People are most likely to click on one of your suggestions for puppy food and will be redirected to a place where they can buy it. 

Clicking on that link will take them to a site like and if they buy, you will make a commission from Amazon!

This process is called affiliate marketing and it’s a business model that many people are using to make money online.  

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and earning commissions for doing so.

In other words you will recommend products and every time someone buys a product, you will make money. 

So you can work with a company like Apple and sign up for their affiliate program and start promoting their products. When people click on your links, it will take them to Apple’s website and if they buy something, you will earn a commission!

How Affiliate Marketing Works In A Nutshell

You will make a small website and publish articles on it. Sometimes your articles will link to products. If someone clicks your link and buys something, you will make money. It’s as simple as that. 

how affiliate marketing works

1. People look for solutions online.

2. They land on your website, where you recommend products.

3. People click on your links and buy the product.

4. You earn a commission.


Your income will grow exponentially, which means that you will earn more and more over time. Check out what this guy achieved in just 1 year using the same method that I am about to show you.

exponentially growing income


Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Great

You DON’T have to create or own any products.

You DON’T have to purchase inventory, handle shipping or provide customer service.

You can leverage the products of others and earn money in a legal way.

You don’t have to do face-to-face selling, which makes this business model perfect for introverts as well.

You are your own boss.


Affiliate marketing allows you to write about the topics you think are interesting and earn money from them. Any topic, interest, hobby or passion has the potential of making money online!


Real Life Examples Of Affiliate Marketing

Let me give you two real life examples, so that you can fully understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works. 

Looking for a laptop

Let’s say that you are looking for a laptop, but are not sure which one to buy. If you are like most people, you go to Google and type something like ‘’top 10 laptops to buy’’.


Google will give you the best suggestions. When you click on them, you will be taken to an article with the top 10 laptops to buy. There you will receive information about each laptop that will help you choose the right one for you.

There will usually be a ‘’Buy’’ button that takes you to the original sales page where you can buy the laptop. 

When you buy the laptop, the person who created that article will receive a percentage of the sale. This is at no extra cost for you. It is just a way to say ‘’thank you’’ to the person who took his time to write the article and provide you with the best information possible and help you make the right decision. 


Let’s look at another example


Want to build a swimming pool

Let’s say that you live in a house and want to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

You will go to Google and type in ‘’how to build a pool in your backyard’’. You will click on one of Google’s suggestions and read the article for the step-by-step instructions.


In the article, the author will mention the gadgets that you’ll need, such as water test strips, pool vacuum, filter cleaner, pool cover, etc. There will be links to Amazon where you can buy the products. If you make a purchase the person who wrote the article will receive a commission.

These are things that happen everyday when people surf on the internet. You are not only limited to laptops and swimming pools. You can find information about ANYTHING. 

What if you had your own website and created content around something that you are passionate about. You could write articles that would help people make better decisions, recommend your favorite products and make money each time someone buys them. 


The good news is that you write an article once and you keep making money from it for years to come.

Once you build a successful affiliate website, it will work 24/7 FOR YOU. You will earn passive income month after month. You can travel the world, be with your family and do whatever you want, without to have to worry about money. 

There’s No Need To SELL In Affiliate Marketing

There is no need to really ‘’sell’ in affiliate marketing. 

You will recommend products to others that will benefit them. The product should fix a problem or give a solution for something that they have been searching for. 

problem and solution

The key to being an affiliate marketer is not so much selling, it’s more about helping others because this will create trust.

When people see that you provide valuable and helpful information they will automatically trust you and people will click on your affiliate links and buy your recommended products. 

Focus on helping, NOT selling and you will master affiliate marketing in no time. 


Why This Method Works So Well

There are more than 4.57 billion people searching for answers on the internet (and the number is growing every year). 

So writing that one helpful article can help way more than one person. It can reach hundreds or even thousands of people.

And you will be certainly creating way more than one article on your website. So imagine how huge audience you will be able to impact, without the need of direct selling or creating a product. 

You will just be recommending products that will help your visitors. It is as simple as that, but remember your articles should be high-quality and people should receive value from them.

The more helpful you are in your niche, the better you will rank on search engines, the more visitors you’ll get, the more money you’ll make.

You can write and article once and you have the potential of earning money from it for years to come. 

So could you imagine if you had a bunch of these articles working for you, helping lots of people on the internet, and earning over and over again?

The biggest advantage of having a website

The amazing thing with having a website is that people come TO YOU, instead of you chasing after them. 

Most marketers pay for advertisements and are constantly trying to get people’s attention. 

But when you have a website, people will come to you, wanting to hear what you have to say. 

This All Sounds Great But I Don’t Know Anything About Websites!!

It is okay if you don’t know anything about websites or writing content that ranks on Google, yet! I will show you the exact steps later in this guide.

Don’t get scared when you hear the term ‘’building a website’’. You do NOT have to know anything about programming or coding to create a website. 

The method that I am about to show you requires NO COMPUTER SKILLS. 

Building a website has never been easier and I will show you exactly how to build one for FREE and in under a minute. 

But for now it is important that you understand the concept of affiliate marketing. It’s all about writing helpful content and recommending products that people can benefit from. 

That’s all you need to understand for now. 

If you can understand how the process of making money online works, the rest can be easily learned and I will show you how you can start this new exciting journey for FREE.


Let’s Recap The Concept Of Making Money Online


The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on a topic that you want your website to be about. The interest that you chose will be the niche of your website. In other words we can say that it is going to be the main topic of your website. 

Don’t choose something that you think will make you the most money. Choose something that you are really passionate about, have an interest in or want to learn more about. 

If you don’t choose a passion or something that you enjoy, you may quickly lose interest in your business. 

The niche you choose can literally be anything. It can be a hobby, something you do all the time, or something you really want to learn about. 

As long as you enjoy what you write about, you will succeed!

Don’t worry if you can’t choose a niche right away. The training that I am about to share with you, will go over how to choose the right niche.



I know you are probably still a bit skeptical about building a website, but it’s really nothing to worry about. Building a website is so easy that ANYONE can do it. In fact, building your website may be the easiest part of getting your business set up.

I will show you the best and easy way to create your website for FREE. 

No technical knowledge is required and you’ll have your website up and running in a matter of minutes.

There are literally just 5 steps to take when building a website.

  1. Choose the type of website you want to build – Select the “On a free domain” link if you don’t own your own domain
  2. Choose a domain name for your website
  3. Choose the title of your website
  4. Choose a design for your website
  5. Click on the green button and you are good to go

how to build a website for free

Your website is now created and ready to use. Later in this guide I will even include a video tutorial on how to build the FREE website, if you need further explanation.



Now that you have your website up and running, your only job is to start writing helpful articles. 

As time goes by, Google and other search engines will start ranking your content. This means that you will appear on the first page and people will click on your website.

You will get UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC (visitors) to your website and you will not have to pay for advertising. 

People will come to you, instead of you going after them! 



The way you will be making money is through recommending products in your niche. You don’t have to create the products. You can partner with Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple, Nike or whichever company that fits your niche. 

The companies will pay you a commission for each sale that you generate. 

Remember that you don’t have to focus on selling. Your only job is to write helpful content and link to products that will benefit your visitors. 

When people read your content, they will naturally click on your recommended products and buy. When they do so, YOU MAKE MONEY




I finally found the perfect training platform for beginners. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I felt such a relief when I found this program because I had tried so many programs, but nothing worked. I finally found the training, tools, and support I’ve been looking for to start my online business right this time! 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches complete beginners how to start their affiliate marketing businesses the right way. They teach you how to easily build websites, how to write content so that people can find it on Google, and most importantly, how to make money online. 

wealthy affiliate


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Unique?

There are a lot of scams out there and I understand if you’re skeptical about this program. Many programs teach affiliate marketing the wrong way. There claim that you can make thousands of dollars in a matter of days or even hours. This is literally impossible if you are just getting started. There is no magical button that will make you rich.  

Other programs that teach affiliate marketing with paid advertising. There are two main problems with that. It costs money and you are guaranteed to lose money before you actually start to earn. With paid advertising you always have to chase the money. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you affiliate marketing the right way. They don’t promise quick results. Instead they focus on long term success. They teach you how to attract your own visitors so that you don’t have to pay for advertisements. 

By following Wealthy Affiliate’s training people will come to you! This equals money coming to you and is the best kind of traffic (visitors) that you can get because it is highly targeted. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers much more resources than any other training program. With Wealthy Affiliate you will also get everything that you need in ONE place. You will get a website builder, keyword research tool, support, interactive training, community and much more. 

I will tell you exactly what is included in the next section, but for now create your FREE account so that it is easier to follow along.


You’re about to tap into the best affiliate marketing training community in the world!


A Closer Look At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing. They show you everything step-by-step at the time that you need it.

The training is well organized and easy to follow. They take you from the very beginning of choosing a niche, building a website, creating content, getting traffic and making money.

The amazing thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you get EVERYTHING you need in ONE place. 

No more searching around on your own and piecing it all together by yourself.

Here are some of the great features that you will get

Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Lessons

Highly Secured Web Hosting

Simple But Powerful Website Builder

Domain Registration

13 Classrooms To Learn From

Weekly Live Webinars

Live Chat For Instant Support

Full Support System

Keyword Research Tool

Free Starter Membership

Premium Membership


Now, I will go over some of the best features with Wealthy Affiliate. Create your FREE account NOW, so that it is easier to follow along.


It’s absolutely FREE to sign up. No credit card is required. You can keep your FREE account for as long as you want.


Let’s discover the awesome features of Wealthy Affiliate

100+ Step-by-Step Training Lessons 

100 + lessons

The main training at Wealthy Affiliate is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will teach you step-by-step everything from:

The basics of affiliate marketing

The secrets behind affiliate marketing success

Choosing the right niche and target your ideal audience

Building a website from scratch

Driving unlimited traffic (visitors) to your website completely for FREE

Choosing affiliate programs

Monetizing your website and earning commissions


You can access the training by clicking on the “Training” link located on the left menu after you’ve created your FREE account.

how to access free training

With your FREE account, you will get access to the first 10 lessons.

first 10 lessons




Simple But Powerful Website Builder 

The website builder is extremely powerful and yet very easy to use.

It is my secret ‘’weapon’’ of  building websites easily without knowing anything about programming or coding.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to create your first free website with the Website Builder at Wealthy Affiliate!

There are 5 simple steps you need to follow:

STEP 1 – Select “On a free domain”

STEP 2 – Choose a domain name for your website

STEP 3 – Choose a website title

STEP 4 – Choose a website theme

STEP 5 – Click the “Click Here to Build This Site” button

I have put together a short video showing you the 5 steps in action. You will see how easy it is to build a FREE website.



Easy, right? Give it a try NOW! Enter the name you want for your website:

Web Domain Marketplace

Every website needs a domain. It’s your online ‘’address’ and it’s how people can find you. With Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to go to external places like GoDaddy to buy your domain. You can get a domain name inside Wealthy Affiliate. Everything is in ONE place.

Wealthy Affiliate offers domain registration. You can use a free domain, buy a custom one or transfer a domain that you already own.

Every custom domain bought on the platform comes with extra features like SSL Certificates and Private Registration. These are essential for your website’s security and will cost you extra if you buy them somewhere else.

Highly Secured Web Hosting 

Web hosting serves as the home of your website. It is where all your data is stored.

A highly secured web hosting is included within your membership. Your websites will be hosted on the latest web hosting technologies and perform at the best speed possible.

Unlike other cheap web hosts, Wealthy Affiliate will perform daily backups so your information never gets lost. And if you ever mess things up, Wealthy Affiliate will get your website back and running for you.

Wealthy Affiliate‘s hosting platform is also highly optimized for WordPress which is the engine behind your websites.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool is essential for getting unlimited traffic (visitors) to your website.

Keywords are basically the phrases that people type into Google’s search bar and as an affiliate marketer it is important to target the right keywords.

There are so many businesses out there that don’t use the right keywords. They might write amazing content but if they don’t target the right keywords people will never find them.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training will teach you exactly how to do keyword research so that you can beat your competition.

People pay hundreds of dollars per month for a keyword research tool, but you will get one for free once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Program Marketplace 

This feature helps you find affiliate products easily. It saves you a lot of time, since you don’t have to go to individual websites to find affiliate programs.

As always, everything you need is in ONE place.

Weekly Live Webinars 

Wealthy Affiliate offers Live Training Webinars every week. This is additional training that gives you the opportunity to ask questions LIVE and interact with other members.

Jay, Wealthy Affiliate’s live training coach, will teach you a variety of topics, such as social media marketing, SEO, web design, case studies and much more.

You will get the latest trends about affiliate marketing and you will also discover Jay’s secrets to succeed faster.

You can attend the webinars live and ask questions, or if you missed them, you can watch the replays over and over again.

There are currently 200+ past webinars to learn from at your own pace.


User Generated Training 

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with 100+ training lessons created by the owners, Kyle and Carson. They cover everything that you need to know in order to succeed.

But that is not the end. Additional training programs are created every day from Wealthy Affiliate members. Anyone can share their knowledge and experience within the community and everyone can benefit from them.

Worldwide Community: >1.2 Million Members

You can Mastermind with like-minded people and make new friends from all over the world.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate has a Live Chat area where you can chat anytime of the day with other members or get immediate help.

24/7 Technical Support Team

If you ever run into a technical issue, Wealthy Affiliate’s support team will help you solve the problem within minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Technical Support Team is always on standby ready to help you. I have never waited for more than 10 minutes to receive the help and support that I needed.

Look at What Other Wealthy Affiliate Members Have Achieved







These are all real people, sharing their results inside the community. If you want to get results like that, join the community now by clicking the button below. 



Membership Plans

There are simply two membership plans with Wealthy Affiliate, a Starter Membership and a Premium Membership. 

There are no upsells within the program. You are either a Starter (Free) member or a Premium member. No one will try to pitch or sell anything to you.

I will explain both options in detail, show you what’s included and tell you everything you need to know.

Free Starter Membership

Here is what you need to know about the Free Starter Membership:

No Credit Card Needed At Signup

You Can Stay Free As Long As You Want

Premium Features For The First 7 Days

A Free Website

Easy Website Builder

Highly Secured Web Hosting

2 Classrooms To Learn From

First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses

Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches

As you can see, you will get a lot of value even as a free member. Wealthy Affiliate offers way more than any other free training program out there.

Most training programs don’t even offer the option of trying out the platform for free, so this is a huge benefit with Wealthy Affiliate. 

My suggestion for you is to start as a Free Member, explore the platform and see how you like it. No credit card is required so you don’t have to worry about getting fooled. 



Premium Membership

I have been a Premium member since April 2020 and I can tell you that the Premium membership is amazing.  You will get a lot of value from the free lessons, but once you see what the Premium membership has to offer, you will be blown away. 

You get full access to all the amazing features of the platform. 

Here is exactly what’s included in the Premium membership:

Superior WordPress Hosting of 10 Websites

Easy Website Builder

SSL Certificates

Private Domain Registration

Highly Secured Web Hosting

Site Speed

Full Technical Support

13 Classrooms To Learn From

FULL Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses

Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches

Unlimited Live Chat

Weekly Live Training Webinars

1-on-1 Private Messaging

Personal Wealthy Affiliate Blogs

Access to Owners 

More Ways To Earn Money Online and On The Platform


Who Is The Premium Membership For?

The Premium Membership is for those who are serious about building an online business and making money online!

As a Premium member you will get full access to all the amazing tools, features and training of Wealthy Affiliate. You will get private access to Wealthy Affiliate’s most successful members and ask them whatever you want. 

The resources and the support that you get as a Premium member will result in the exponential growth of your business. You will make more and more money with time and you will build an asset that has the potential of earning a full-time income. 

What’s The Cost?

The Premium membership costs $49/month, but if you sign up using the button below, you will get a 59% discount for your first month. This means that it will only cost you $19 for your first month.

If you decide that you want to continue with your Premium membership, but at the same time cut down your cost, I would highly recommend upgrading to Premium Yearly. It costs  $495/year which may sound like a lot, but if you do the math, it is actually only $1.36 per day (that’s less than a coffee!). Other than that, you will save $93 compared to following the monthly plan of $49/month. 

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about Premium membership right now. 

Start as a Free member, explore the platform and benefit of the free training that you will get. I am sure you will get a lot of value from the first 10 free lessons. 

And if you decide that you want to upgrade to Premium I will send you the discount after you have created your free account. 



What are you waiting for? 

Now you know that it is possible to make money from your passion. You know where to get the training you need. So, what are you waiting for?

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people take action. Unsuccessful people are always waiting for the right moment.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities and grab it when it comes. This is your opportunity to change your life.

Create your FREE account NOW and join the Wealthy Affiliate family. I will be on the other side ready to help you succeed even faster.

Sign Up Now



– Delyana

Thank you for reading my Ultimate Guide To Make Money Online. I will see you on the other side and help you build a successful online business!